R & R

Welcome to my Rock & Roll Rarities Page. I was once the owner of Rock & Roll Rarities in Reseda California. We specialized in classic Rock & Roll Memorabilia. I have liquidated a lot of my inventory over the last 20+ years, but still some on occasion on our eBay page under the name e-Powersellers. One thing I have held onto and have trouble letting go of, is my collection of Rare Rock & Roll Concert Negatives.
I have decided to finally allow some limited edition prints to be made of my negatives. I still have to spend some time rescanning all the negatives and make high quality scans that will allow us to make superior prints.
We will only be offering a few sizes, 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, and 20x30. Based on aspect ratio if slide or 35mm there may be adjusted (non-cropped) options like instead of 8x10, it will be 8x12, etc. More details later.
We will only be offering Kodak Professional in Glossy, Lustre or Metallic. Prices will be listed in the future once all negatives are re-scanned, edited and tested.
Please download here to view LE Print List & Artists we plan to offer in the future.
The gallery below is a sample of some of the artists and images we will be offering.