Introducing e-Powersellers

Founded with support from eBay, e-Powersellers was the first eBay drop off store in the USA. e-Powersellers was dedicated to providing an effortless and convenient method for you to sell your items privately on eBay. We insulated you and your personal information completely from the bidders. Unfortunately the eBay store model just never worked. One could never get enough high end products through the door in order to cover the overhead. We had stores in Oregon & California.

We currently still list item on a concierge basis for certain clients. We have over 99% positive feedback and top seller, Powersellers status for well over a decade. We can help get your item the attention it needs on eBay.

If you have a rare or unique item or lots that have a value exceeding $250.00 or higher please contact us for information on how we can represent you on eBay.

We are always looking for unique movie, television or music memorabilia, rare small antiques and artwork. We also buy vintage concert, computer, music, photographic and cartoon (comic) memorabilia.

Items we look for to sell on eBay

Antiques & Primitives
Art, Lithographs, Painting, Sculpture
Antique Book Collections
Autographs & Original Art
Comic Artwork – Vintage & Modern
Designer Clothing
Rare Coins & Stamps (if appraised)
Jewelry & Watches (vintage and vintage costume)
Military Collectibles, WWII, WWI, and Civil War
Movie Memorabilia Collections prior to 1980
Music Memorabilia Collections prior to 1980
Sports Memorabilia Collections prior to 1980
Television Memorabilia Collections prior to 1975
Tin Toys, 1940-1950 Japan, USA
Tobacco – Vintage Collections, Lighters, Pipes, Memorabilia.
Toys, Games, Dolls, & Bears (Vintage and Antique Only)
Pins, Pinbacks, Buttons, Political etc. (Vintage & Antique)
Vintage items (1930′s – 1970′s)
Medical Memorabilia, Medical Hoax