Philips Walker – Secret Shopper Scam

Fake Mystery Shopper…    Common scam, please note you will be dealing with Stolen Money / Stolen Credit Cards and when the !@#!@ hits the fan, it is you that will be going to jail.  There are very few real “secret shopper” programs.  



Dear shopper

Mystery shoppers visit or call businesses posing as ordinary customers
and provide detailed evaluations of their experience using written reports
or questionnaires.
Dear shopper,

Mystery shopping is used in a wide variety of industries such as retail,
restaurants, financial institutions, convenience stores and gas stations,
service providers, manufacturers, department stores, travel and entertainment,

1. You will receive funds for the task.
2. You will receive instructions for the task you via email in the location and
details of the task.
3. You must complete the task as quickly as possible and quietly.
4. You will be asked to visit the business location for doing good business
restaurants, shopping stores, etc.

* Fill in your complete data to the Information center:

First Name :
Middle Name :
Last Name :
Tel Phone :
Cell Phone :
Address :
City :
State :
Country :
Zip Code :
Alternative Email Address:
Present Age :
Current Occupation :

It’s fun and rewarding. There is no fee to become a shopper and you do not need
previous experience and you’ll be given $250 for your job.

Philips Walker
Official Shopper
copyright @ 2012

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