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  • e-Powersellers

    Founded with support from eBay, e-Powersellers was the first eBay drop off store in the USA. e-Powersellers was dedicated to providing an effortless and convenient method for you to sell your items privately on eBay. We insulated you and your personal information completely from the bidders. Unfortunately the eBay store model just never worked.
  • Notary

    I am a NNA Certified Notary Public licensed by the State of Oregon. I can legally provide Notary Service in all counties throughout the State of Oregon. I try to limit my notary work to Linn County and Benton County but sometimes travel to Marion and Lane counties. I can usually do title closings and refinance and mortgage adjustments within the limits of Albany Oregon without travel charges.
  • Scambusters Blog

    This blog is dedicated to help preventing internet fraud and internet scams. Scambusters was a radio show I started in Albany Oregon, but due to defaulted payment by the radio station we took the show offline. Regardless of this issue we still wish to help prevent internet fraud and save people from internet loss. Please watch this blog for latest tips and tricks and scams to avoid.
  • R&R

    I was once the owner of Rock & Roll Rarities in Reseda California. We specialized in classic Rock & Roll Memorabilia. I have liquidated a lot of my inventory over the last 20+ years, but still some on occasion on our eBay page under the name e-Powersellers. One thing I have held onto and have trouble letting go of, is my collection of Rare Rock & Roll Concert Negatives.
Latest from Scambusters Blog
  • The great Tao has no expectations for me, no demands, no battles or wars to fight, and no history to live up to.
  • Acknowledge your creativity and genius. The qualities of creativity and genius are within you, awaiting your decision to match up with the power of intention. Genius is a characteristic of the creative force that allows all of material creation to come into form. It is an expression of the divine.
  • Practice enjoying the present moment, rather than using it up consumed with guilt over the past or worry about the future.
  • With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.
  • Go to sleep with visions of what you love. Let your dream vision marinate overnight. Wake up with your positive, hopeful thoughts in place, ready to guide you through a day in which you step ever closer to the life you dream of.
  • I am a human being, not a human doing. Don't equate your self-worth with how well you do things in life. You aren't what you do. If you are what you do, then when you don't...you aren't.
  • I forgive myself, and then I move on." You can sit there forever, lamenting about how bad you've been, feeling guilty until you die, and not one tiny slice of that guilt will do anything to change a single thing in the past.
  • Choose to align yourself with people who are like-minded in their search for simplified inspiration. Give those who find fault or who are confrontational a silent blessing and remove yourself from their energy as quickly as possible. Your life is simplified enormously when you don’t have to defend yourself to anyone, and when you receive support rather than criticism.
  • The Shift doesn’t mean that we lose our drive and ambition; it signifies that we become ambitious about something new. We make a commitment to living a life based on experiencing meaning and feeling purposeful.
  • Resentment is like venom that continues to pour through your system, doing its poisonous damage long after being bitten by the snake. It's not the bite that kills you; it's the venom. Send love in some form to those you feel have wronged you and notice how much better you feel.